Vatican City Explained

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  • Given the weird rules with the holy see, isn't vatican city a corporotocracy then?

  • the SEEeo.

  • I walked across St. Peter's Square, which technically means I walked across a country in a few minutes.

  • Grey Industries?? I guess the CEO has a "very singular taste".


  • so what you're telling me is....... a chair runs the vatican city and gives people passports?

  • One of the best things about this video is that it is perfectly non-controversial. Good job, Grey :)

  • you forgot the fact that its the only country that speaks latin!

  • I don't care, the holy sea is a chair, a chair gives people passports.

  • Soooo, what if someone was to destroy the holy see? I'm curious now.

  • Welcome to Vatican City! Where you work for a chair to become a citizen!

  • There are female citizens of Vatican city though, there are 30 nuns who are citizens.

  • Wait, so 'The Holy See', is an embodiment of all of their rules?

  • King of the vatican bannishes Pope.

  • You guys are just dumb. A bunny rabbit was meant to be the pope but they didn't allow it to be.I mean how else will you explain the shape of pope's hat which is shaped to cover a bunny's ears nicely. jee wiz you people drive me crazy.

  • Wow this was informative really informative. So Walmart should get some land and call it Walmartia and then all the Walmart employees could be called martians.

  • A chair in charge of a country.Oh,Vatican City

  • I have FINALLY found a small mistake in a CGP Grey video! I am so proud of myself. The next pope isn't selected from among the existing bishops, but rather from the existing cardinals. Who today are virtually all bishops, but that is not technically a requirement, in fact in the past there were even lay cardinals. And no bishop who is not also a cardinal can be made pope.

  • The power of the Catholic Church. That's all.