Vatican City Explained

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  • Have you ever noticed that the Pope and King of the Vatican are NEVER in the same room together

  • sooo...christianity is run by a fancy chair

  • King of the vatican bannishes Pope.

  • In German, the word for "The Holy See" is "Der Heilige Stuhl", which could either mean "The Holy Stool" or "The Holy Shit".

  • the SEEeo.

  • I walked across St. Peter's Square, which technically means I walked across a country in a few minutes.

  • you forgot the fact that its the only country that speaks latin!


  • There are 2 popes per square kilometer in Vatican

  • Welcome to Vatican City! Where you work for a chair to become a citizen!

  • Given the weird rules with the holy see, isn't vatican city a corporotocracy then?

  • so what you're telling me is....... a chair runs the vatican city and gives people passports?

  • One of the best things about this video is that it is perfectly non-controversial. Good job, Grey :)

  • I don't care, the holy sea is a chair, a chair gives people passports.

  • Grey Industries?? I guess the CEO has a "very singular taste".

  • There are female citizens of Vatican city though, there are 30 nuns who are citizens.

  • Wait, if the Holy See is a corporate entity, wouldn't that make Vatican City a Theocratic, Elected, Non-Hereditary, Absolute Monarchistic Corporatocracy?

  • Soooo, what if someone was to destroy the holy see? I'm curious now.

  • I really hope that the border to the Vatican says: