Sitene ekle


  • I could picture Casey flying around Manhattan in this.

  • The beginning sounds like every guy explaining to their wife why they need to go-to Vegas. 'but honey it's for science!'

  • They are hiding aliens in there somewhere.

  • The future is now, old man

  • CASEY NEISTAT! Hoping this reaches Casey, but if it does: I created a podcast called YourPOP (your pursuit of purpose) on YouTube. It is a platform for underserved and underprivileged individuals to speak on their excellence, successes, and struggles. Casey I would love to have you on and I would love feedback from you all! ❤️

  • Casey and drones. I don't know man..

  • im waiting for tomorrow flay flaying flay flay what was called ??? flaying taxi ???? ❤️0001f643

  • How long till all cars are flying cars!?

  • Man the vlogs are just sooooo good!!!

  • Still waiting on that new upload. It’s “tomorrow” still no upload... gah I’m so excited

  • Casey: " I'm in Vegas for uhhh......science."

  • Where's the flying video dude?

  • Casey, don't say you will upload a video if you don't plan on doing so. The last three times you said you were going to upload a video the following day you did not do so.

  • So no Couples Therapy then? :/

  • All im saying is that chick was hot af

  • Don't crash this one Casey!!! :-D

  • After Lexi Gray died in a plane crash, she decided to take up instructing pilots in flight simulators

  • wondering if cassie died flying this since i see no upload

  • See you tomorrow? I didn't see anything!!!

  • ahh this is going to be insane Casey !