We Lost 22% Of Body Fat In 6 Weeks

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  • Published on May 11, 2017

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  • I'm so proud of Zach for being able to turn things around before it got worse!

  • Id love to see what Zach looks like now!

  • Good for them. I feel even fatter

  • Pretty sure I've watched this video at least once a month for the last year...

  • you didn't really explain how the transformation was made, the process, what did they do at the gym... not interesting

  • Buzzfeed can you please post an article on what all Claire cooked with recipes. They looked so freaking. Good.

  • Spent the last month working out anf eating healthy! I've lost 8 pounds and lost half an inch, it's just a start but I have never lost weight in my life except for when I was sick. It's all starting to work for me! The app Loseit!, not sponsered, is extremely helpful for calorie counting and simply justing paying attention to calories has helped me make drastic changes to my diet. Idk if y'all know this but apparently tacos are NOT meant to be eaten by the half-dozen 0001f6020001f6020001f602

  • do buzzfeed want everyone to be overweight or athletic/thin?

  • i feel so bad about my body now...

  • They changed the thumbnail to Ashly because they weren't getting enough views

  • Gabbie Hanna’s story reminds me of this

  • While the food is the most important aspect of the change, people need to realize changing the way you eat to something sustainably healthy is way better than going to a strict chicken, salmon, broccoli, rice diet. Yes, eat way more fruits and vegetables and less processed stuff, but also don't be afraid of adding flavor to your foods. The biggest thing to keep in mind is the rule of 3: avoid fast food, avoid processed foods, avoid sauces. Those along with more healthy choices will offer a world of difference.

  • Mumbai 0001f6310001f631

  • I wish I worked for a company that paid me to work out for a video. :) Good for them for getting healthy though :)

  • Can we see an update on Zach

  • Claire is so prettyyy.. She is already so good looking before the 6 weeks, and even PRETTIER after 6 weeks holycrap

  • CLAIRE oh my God, is she married? got a bf? if not please date me mamacita!!0001f60d0001f60d

  • Can i take cocaine in between??