Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

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  • Published on Feb 1, 2018

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  • Honestly, we just have 2 great filters ahead of us:

  • "ancient alien ruins on titan"

  • Thanos is the great filter.

  • what if humanity becomes a filter for other intelligent life

  • An experiment that lights the whole atmosphere on fire: this is the kind of human fuck-up that I can very easily imagine happening.

  • We are living our great filter now. Humanities greatest challenge is now. If we can overcome the next 100 years without destroying the planet, I believe we have a solid chance of becoming a multi-planetary species.

  • I hope it won't be our doom !

  • There's a simpler explanation. Our technology simply isn't advanced enough to detect extra-solar civilisations (even on a galactic scale). We can't even detect sufficiently advanced signals from our own planet. Try it, try detecting a wi-fi signal from the other side of the planet. Not happening? Then why do we expect that seeing such signals from other star systems would be easy? Photons scatter, waves attenuate, interference scrambles.

  • mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • This is some of the most interesting shit I've ever heard in my life

  • Let's build a wall to keep the aliens out

  • or what if millions of alien space ships pass by our solar system everyday minding their own business but they just dont give a shit about us.

  • I wish astronomy couldve been an actual class in high school, I would've loved to do a subject focused on topics like this!

  • One word; Reapers

  • Actually the great filter is more likely to be a filter of perception, rather than a filter of existence.

  • Thanks once again for the highly anticipated monthly morning existential mind blow.

  • You can’t see if there is living things on a different planet far enough away because light takes time to travel, (if the sun goes out we would not know for about 7 minutes) so if we look at a planet we would be looking at it in the past, as a theory if you could make a large enough telescope far enough away you could see the dinosaurs on Earth

  • I like this mod on Spore

  • Life isn't difficult to obtain; sentience is.