Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

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  • Published on Feb 1, 2018

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  • Let's build a wall to keep the aliens out


  • Maybe the filter is already here, maybe its fortnite, or baby shark, nobody knows.....

  • This channel is so addictive

  • Statistically speaking, it is highly improbable that we are the 1st civilization.

  • Honestly, we just have 2 great filters ahead of us:

  • If the meteorite that killed all dinosaurs never happened, dinosaurs would still be here and as mammals would not have thrived, intelligent life would not ver have appeared.

  • Interesting topic, but after watching it several times, I see a flaw in the argument. The whole belief in a Great Filter is based on the apparent lack of alien life, specifically advanced ones that make themselves know (purposeful or otherwise). If we discovered some intelligent species, then maybe great filters aren't such a problem. Or if we even discover an abundance of primitive alien life, but by using some new, unknown method, then maybe the seeming lack of life was simply down to using the wrong method all the years before. It's just one take, but the discovery of alien life doesn't have to be guaranteed doom. There are a lot of ways to interpret the mystery of it all.

  • But suppose aliens from far away see us, the light wave that reaches them would take millions of years to travel and they might see the dinosaurs or maybe just an empty early earth and not us. I think it's the same about us. That is why we haven't discovered life yet. But if we actually ever see something like a primitive life form on a planet we can just assume that they are much advanced. N if the species watching us is so advanced then maybe they too will have enough intelligence to calculate the time the light wave took to reach them and assume how much development would have taken place...

  • I'll stick to Mass Effect thank you.

  • We are living our great filter now. Humanities greatest challenge is now. If we can overcome the next 100 years without destroying the planet, I believe we have a solid chance of becoming a multi-planetary species.

  • I tried explaining this to my mum she didn’t understand at all

  • So either we're doomed or alone, no halfway. Just great.

  • I just don’t get how we can go from looking like jelly to humans

  • This sounds like a government sponsored ad.

  • This assumes the filter that explains the fermi paradox is a local problem. The "filter" may simply be the tyranny of distance (thus time). The universe may well be teeming with life but the sheer distances and physical limits (c) make contact highly unlikely. We are adrift on a remote island in a sea that may well be populous.

  • who else watching this stoned? ?

  • Why don't you dinguses just send some grass seeds, bacteria, and animal blood to a planet that looks stable and wait like a million years.

  • Duuuude, c`mon I love this channel but stop with this negative sentationalism trying to call attention. We have no idea how aliens civilizations, or life as we DON`T know it, might look like. That is the main explanation to the fermi paradox. Our tech might simply not match what we`re searching for, because we don`t know what we`re searching for. Creating these thought experments based on the assumption that we already checked and didn`t find anything is pretty arrogant. I know humans are anxious to find out about how this world works, I`m a human myself, but we really need to learn more before making such assumptions. Spreading such alarm-based ideas as if they are almost a consensus is pretty unhealthy.