Why Stradivarius violins are worth millions

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    Violins aren't the only thing where a high price may not translate into quality. Watch our video on why expensive wine is for suckers:

  • It's also pretty cool that they are played to this day and not just in storage in someone's collection.

  • It roughly translates to a subconscious placebo effect 0001f3bb

  • I'd rather have a guarneri

  • Is it because the hype is real?

  • So these are basically the valyrian steel of the music world 0001f6020001f602

  • They are like legendary weapons in mmos.

  • So when the taxi driver returned the violin, did the police close the case?

  • 0:49

  • Alexander VIOLIN

  • It’s because pieces of the Roswell ship are hidden in them. Keep asking questions

  • Yep, it sounds like a violin

  • Anybody remember the kids show Arthur, where he had that rich friend of his named Muffy. She has a stradivarious violin in one of the episodes and it had a proximity sensor that would set an alarm when anyone other than her would come near it. Absolutely nonsensical and hilarious - yet so relevant even in a kids show. 0001f602

  • I still prefer when Yo Yo Ma went by his rap name, Yo Ma Ma.

  • Joshua Bell played his 1713 Gibson ex Huberman Stradivarius, incognito, for 45 minutes one morning in a subway station in Washington D.C.

  • Did the taxi driver return it with no strings attached?

  • Why don’t they just make more strads?

  • 3$ Violin vs 16 million $ violin

  • Because some people have to many dollars and not enough sense.

  • This is definitely placebo. Give them a 2000$ violin and this and they won't tell the difference.