World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer

Sitene ekle


  • World of Warcraft

    The real question is - Are you FOR THE ALLIANCE or FOR THE HORDE!?

  • watching this after the saurfang cinematic makes it 900 times better

  • A P 

    Cinematic: Epic battle. Log into actual game: Quest: 'Collect 18 mushrooms'.

  • 4 minutes into a fight and the alliance needs to mass res LOL!

  • BT 

    "Don't Die, stay back and spam Chain Lightning"

  • Saurfang beats Anduin -> Genn beats Saurfang -> ZappyBoi beats Genn = ZappyBoi wins. And that's the expansion folks, nothing to see here now, see you in 2 years for more ZappyBoi adventures.

  • Who else watched this right after the new 'Old Soldiers' cinematic?

  • I love how both Saurfang and Zappy Boi only have one shoulder guard and both on the same shoulder. One lost a father, the other lost a son but both have The Horde.

  • I just have to paus this quickly.... Just now, when Sylvanas screamed "For the Horde!", I got chills in my entire body. Hair stood up on my arms. No. Joke. Wow... Just wow...


  • I am soooooo hyped! FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!

  • I think Zappy Boi made it, lads!

  • You came to see ZappyBoi

  • Still get chills from Sylvanas screaming “FOR THE HORDE”

  • Whoever saying Zappy Boi got killed by anduin.... The guy who got killed by anduin had white hair, and also you can see zappy boy behind after saurfang leaves

  • 90% of the comments are about ZAPPY BOI

  • Medivh would be proud of us killing each other ;]

  • I will be more pissed than anything if he dies. Kill Sylvanas, Anduin, I dont care, but Zappy, I will riot rofl

  • Don't mind me, I'm just here to watch zappyboi again........

  • Evil feminist ugly demon...