Minecraft Play Doh Giant Surprise Egg Unboxing Toys

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  • Published on Sep 22, 2015

  • Toys Bro opens an egg that is full of Minecraft toys in his GIANT suprise egg made of play dough video. We open this GIANT egg, Minecraft Steve character together and analyze new Minecraft toys figures. Don’t forget to press on like button of my video including Iron Golem and Creeper characters. You may sign up my Toys Bro Channel immediately for the best toys videos: http://goo.gl/ovvSrE. We open GIANT Minecraft suprise egg covered with play dough in my opening suprise eggs video. There are a lot of Minecraft figures in it. Besides the suprise package of Minecraft mini figures, package of Minecraft Hangers key chains and Steve, Zombie, Enderman, Creeper, Iron Golem, Villager Zombie, PigMan; Minecraft animals like bug, leopard cat, cow figures are waiting for us inside this giant egg.
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