Top 10 Fastest Goals In Football ● Official Matches HD

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  • Congrats for 400k! You deserve more than 400k!, my friend =D

  • 400.000 Friends ! Thank you so much, Love you all 3

  • Where is Hakan Sükür fastest world cup goal in 2002???

  • The fastest goal ever by a goalkeeper is hard to break

  • I love how the quality of the footage slowly goes down as it gets more obscure...

  • "Comenzó el partido...... Gooooool" xD

  • Last time i was this early

  • In some countries, commentators have to go through hard lung training so they can shout goal that long.

  • Last time I was this early Real Madrid played as a team

  • First San Marino player in a top.

  • العاااااااااابد

  • where hakan şükür 's goal?

  • and tonight Gibraltar conceded against Belgium in 6 seconds :(

  • Number five is basically the kickoff glitch

  • Hakan şükür's world cup goal 3 seconds have to be in list

  • نواف العااابد 3 ثواني .... 0001f4990001f4990001f499

  • Turkey ? Hakan Sukur Where are you 2.1 s

  • نواف العابد 0001f60d0001f60d0001f60d0001f60d

  • hakan şükür?